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Tim TaylorDomestic Erosion, 2003

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Hyperrealistic Paintings Explore The Hidden World of Binge Eating

After struggling with her own food challenges, artist Lee Price began painting a deeply personal series of self-portraits. Her hyperrealistic paintings, depicting stolen moments of binge eating, convey the difficult relationship many people experience while seeking solace through food.

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Just got too excited during a summer league nba game haha

but alas no. still can’t talk.

but alas no. still can’t talk.

Washed my hair thinking I would be ok for work

Washed my hair thinking I would be ok for work



“She loved three things — a joke, a glass of wine, and a handsome man.”

— W. Somerset Maugham, The Moon And Sixpence (via aesthetic—pleasures)


why would you let me run into someone i know at the my local supermarket after i had just crawled out of bed for the first time in 4 times!!!!

i only wanted to buy a frozen dinner without seeing anyone i knew or small talk!!!!!!!

“With the right music, you either forget everything or you remember everything.”

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Thanks Oprah! 😷 #winterlyf #overit #blergh #oprah

Thanks Oprah! 😷 #winterlyf #overit #blergh #oprah

“I’d buy it if it was in black.”

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The only reason i enjoy going to bed is so i can make stories up in my head which makes my brain think it’s actually real


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for everyone whose friends are graduating with 70k/year jobs while they are stuck at uni with dead-end arts degrees

for everyone who’s gone through a breakup in the last month and finds winter extra cold this year

for everyone who is being bogged down while seemingly everyone else moves ahead in life

6 crispy strips, 6 pieces of original fried chicken $12 at KFC. add $5 for large chips and potato & gravy